• Mobile presence ensures that your reach is much wider

Mobile presence ensures that your reach is much wider


Mobile sites and responsiveness

Websites are not only viewed on computers but also on tablets and mobile phones. That is why it is very important to make the website viewable for all kind of devices. Medusa can advise you and realize it for you.

Which information do I offer to my (potential) customer?

A few years ago, responsive design was very 'hot', it has now become the norm. With a responsive design, the website is designed in such a way that it still looks acceptable on a computer, tablet and mobile. The disadvantage is often that compromises have to be made in terms of design and content and that information is clumsily put together on the mobile version, which means it is not optimal.


Therefore it is advisable to think about whether you want to show the same content on the mobile as on the computer. Where you have the space on the computer to explain something and to place lists to the right or left of your webpage, that space on the mobile is less present and the question is whether people are looking for it when they visit your website on the phone. Used images must also not be that large for mobile versions. A possibility here is to adjust the content for mobile or even to create special pages that are only visible on mobile.




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