• wp share in all websites 42.7%, man in a shirt with wp logo behind a screen

WP share in all websites 42.7%

And 62.5% of sites with CMS. (source: Kinsta)



WordPress is a very popular developmet tool. It offers great benefits to users regardless of whether it is a simple or a complex site. The popularity lies both in the technical possibilities and in the ease of use. Moreover, the fact that it is free ensures that everyone is free to investigate and use it. With Medusa you have found one of the WordPress specialists in Eindhoven that can support you!  

With WordPress you have a complete website system, which you can adjust to your own wishes.

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WordPress - een community die veel ondersteuning biedt 






Medusa offers professional advice, realization and support for WordPress sites. Do you have questions about the realization or maintenance of a site? We can help you!

Whether it is about taking over management, the design, an idea, implementation, maintenance or support.


If you have question or want help contact Henk Koning via henk@medusa.nl040-7470070 or fill in the next form.



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Do you have a question about websites?We'll be glad to assist you, free and without obligations.
Feel free to contact us.

  Call us at +3140-7470070

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Knowledge in WordPress' dashboard & plugins

Easy for the user

With WordPress you can easily get started!

Site and CMS

In addition to a site, you also immediately have an environment for managing content (CMS).

Clear and user-friendly

The structure of the CMS is clear and user-friendly.

No technical knowledge needed

You can create new web pages yourself and place them in the menus without any technical knowledge.

Change website appearance

You can change the look of your website with themes. There are free themes available and also paid themes that offer even more functionality.

Quickly online

If necessary, it can be live very quickly.

Every website

It can be used for every type of website from blog to company website or shop.

A lot of designs

Every design can be realized in WordPress.

Multiple languages

Multiple languages are easy to implement. 

Multi site

With a ‘multisite’ you can create and maintain several websites and keep the costs low.

Google loves WordPress

It is easy to optimize for Google and other search engines.

Social media

Links such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be added easily.


A free CMS that is easily to switch to another provider.


Prepared for the future through great flexibility, scalability and an integrated update system.

Technically a lot of possibilities

Open source

The base of WordPress is open source and therefory free to use.



There are many themes available (free and paid) that offer a wide variety of options regarding appearance and content management options.


Numerous plug-ins can be found that offer solutions for the most diverse wishes that have ever come up with users. Think of photo albums, photo banners, a webshop or event calendars.

Own adjustments

WordPress allows you to make your own adjustments to a chosen theme that will remain unaffected if a theme is updated by the developer.

A community that offers a lot of support

Active developers

Thousands of developers, hobbyists and professionals, develop themes, and plugins for Wordpress.

Continually developed

A large group of programmers are developing and improving WordPress and the plugins. WordPress is becoming better and more userfriendly.

Solve problems quickly

As a result, there is usually a fast solution in case of a vulnerability.

Good documentation

Excellent documentation is available and it gets better constantly.

A lot of websites: a lot of testing

The large number of sites and users guarantees a large group of "testers" so that potential bugs and other problems are quickly noticed and repaired.

Do you have a question about websites?We'll be glad to assist you, free and without obligations.
Feel free to contact us.

  Call us at +3140-7470070

  Mail us for a question... or to be phoned.

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